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IN-N-OUT BURGER Store 1 (1948)

Dimensions: 128 x 128 x 32 studs
Pieces: 7500+
Instructions: None

This is a 1:12 scale replica of IN-N-OUT BURGER's first store, which opened in October of 1948. I based it off a stylized painting by Jack Schmitt, as well as the actual stand. This is (to date) the biggest project I've worked on, with the base measuring 40"x40". It was challenging to build in a larger scale (one inch representing one foot) rather than mini-fig scale, in which I build almost exclusively. Once I got over the initial shock I found it pretty exciting to build at this scale (not necessarily easier or more difficult, just completely different). The windows are my favorite detail, as they're angled corners. Acheiving that was probably the most daunting aspect of imagining up the entire display, but it turned out well I think (and it's all unmodified LEGO). I also like the picnic table and produce, which weren't that difficult in terms of building, but they look cool at the larger scale. The car is a 1949 Ford coupe, which I should be making a separate page for eventually. Enjoy!

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