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IN-N-OUT BURGER Sit-down Restaurant
Dimensions: 120 x 96 x 26 studs
Pieces: 9000+
Instructions: None

This project came after a bit of a building slump. I decided to be a bit more adventurous and create a large self-contained diorama. I'd been building several smaller town vehicles and sundries so a restaurant fit into that theme perfectly. When thinking of how to start it, the three main roadblocks I foresaw were the palm trees, the awnings (with palm tree print) and the signs. After tackling these, the rest of it came together pretty quickly. It's been together for about two years now, I just haven't gotten around to posting pictures on my site until now. In case you don't know what IN-N-OUT is, it's a fairly large hamburger chain on the west coast, and this building style is the basic template for my diorama. Enjoy!

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