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Zion Shipworks Logos Hovership
Dimensions: 70 x 30 x 20 studs
Pieces: 500+
Instructions: None

The Logos; the epitome of awesomeness. Really though, this is one of a fleet of hoverships used to jack crewmembers into the Matrix for special assignments, protect Zion when ultimately needed, but mostly just for dodging squiddies. This is the smallest and fastest ship of the fleet; it's about half the size of the Nebuchadnezzar, and has twenty-six (from what I counted) repulsor pads while the Neb only has twenty. The scale is a little larger than I thought since the pads on this are a lot smaller than on the larger hoverships, so this is actually pretty close to mini-fig scale when I originally intended it to be about half of that. Since I built this the DVD of The Matrix: Revolutions came out and I saw just how very wrong I got this; when I built it I only really had two pictures to work from. By no means do I mean to drastically change it though, I'm very happy with the organic look of the ship, and with the pads on it, it looks exponentially cooler, in my opinion.
Special thanks: I'd really like to thank Reed Anderson for the initial idea of surrounding a wheel with visors (as can be seen in his Brickshelf Gallery) and Ryan Wood and his use of Reed's idea in what eventually became his Nacon Hovership, which made me start and finish the Logos in a weekend.

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