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Anakin wears his generic slave clothes when we are first introduced to him in The Phantom Menace. It's the same basic mini-figure as LEGO used, but I gave him tan short legs to give him the height of a ten-year-old (LEGO) kid and a tan hairpiece. The second picture is of him wearing a dark grey backpack as he did on his departure of Tatooine.

This is my young Anakin mini-fig from The Phantom Menace (as seen above) with both his podracing and Naboo Pilot's helmet (those that LEGO used); the former is a grey helmet with dark grey goggles, the latter a brown helmet with black goggles.

Jedi Padawan (Young)
As The Phantom Menace concludes, Anakin has been granted permission to be trained as a Jedi. He uses the basic Jedi torso and brown pants (on which I used short legs to make him look more like a ten-year-old kid).

Jedi Padawan (Grown)
When Attack of the Clones begins, ten years later, we find Anakin as a twenty-year-old Jedi Padawan. I used the same body as LEGO, but I took off his printed braid and added a piece of thread to act in its place. The second picture is of him with his lightsaber, the third of him with his black cloak (closest thing to dark brown that won't blend in with his robes), and the fourth is of him with his cloak and his hood (very foreboding).

When (in Attack of the Clones) Anakin is given his first assignment to protect Senator Amidala, he must travel as a refugee in bringing her back to her home planet of Naboo. For this mini-figure I used a black black torso and added a green wrap-around belt (for simplicity's sake, I didn't bother with the gold detailing). He also has tan arms and brown pants.

The morning after a vivid nightmare concerning his mother, Anakin meditates on a balcony of Senator Amidala's home in the Lake Country of Naboo. He uses a tan Jedi torso and arms to act as his under-shirt, but retains the brown pants of the grown Padawan Anakin mini-figure.

As a result of Anakin's impatient and impetuous nature in Attack of the Clones, he rushes in to fight Count Dooku and loses (the fight and an arm). The first picture is of him armless (I know it didn't get lopped off at the shoulder, but for the sake of keeping LEGO as unaltered as possible...), which is the same as the grown Padawan Anakin (minus his arm, nonetheless). His sad face was digitally altered. The second picture is of Anakin's new mechno-hand which he receives at the the end of the movie, for which I used a C-3PO hand (the creamy goldish color) to give it the gold look.

At the end of Attack of the Clones, Anakin does the unthinkable (for a Jedi): he gets married. This is the same mini-figure as the grown Padawan Anakin with his cloak (no hood), but with his new mechno-hand.

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