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Dodonna/Blissex RZ-1 A-wing Starfighter
Dimensions: 32 x 23 x 10.5 studs
Pieces: 447
Instructions: None

Version 2.2
This is version three of my new A-Wing design. It uses the same scale (1 foot to 1 stud) as my X-Wing, Y-Wing and Snowspeeder. I made quite a few changes to this, although most are internal. I minimized the piece count (although it's still close to 450) and made the design a bit sturdier. The guns are also made more accurate and I added white 2x4 wedge plates on the wings and on the sides of the windshield to represent the angles better. Contact me for information about previous versions of this A-Wing.
Version 1.0
I made this as a modification to LEGO's A-Wing, which was decent, but lacking, in my opinion. The biggest problem I had with it (which I included in my A-Wing MOCs of years ago) was the missing slit in front. This is a lot beefier and a little longer than LEGO's, and I added more accurate engines in the back (which I used twelve transparent orange 1x1 round plates, and six grey 3x3 technic wheels on). I tried to keep this close to LEGO's style, but making it more accurate to the real thing.

-------------------------[Version 2.2]-------------------------
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-------------------------[Version 1.0]-------------------------
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