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Dimensions: 23.5 x 11 x 8.4 studs
Pieces: 200+
Instructions: None

The Bantha is one of several load carrying beasts native to or at least residing on Tatooine. Unfortunately, a wild bantha isn't the coolest or most exciting sight in the universe, though it's far more interesting with a Tusken saddle and rider. For the wild version, I used SNOT on the sides (on all of it, really, but this is what I'm pointing out, so go along) and also used 1xX plates to (hopefully) achieve an appearance of hair. Since LEGO doesn't make any flex hoses in tan or any other likely piece, I had to opt for using plates for his horns (with a 1x1 plate with tooth as the tip), which I like the look of, but they stick out a tad, but it's no big deal. This all started with the face; I built it at two studs wide, which looked odd with the eyes that close together and the creature appearing to be able to see all around him. So I built a really quick face at three studs, not even intending it to be used--it was more just a study of how to attach the horns--but it looked pretty dead on, so I worked from there. I'm pretty happy with the result. Enjoy!

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