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This represents the final and most intense part of the duel between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader on Cloud City above Bespin. It started with the round section, the gantry, and the weather vane thing at the end, but I kept on building and eventually stopped before I finished the entirety of Cloud City. I'll eventually make the Carbon Freezing Chamber and the part of the duel where Vader was throwing all that stuff at Luke, but this works for now. It's about 750 pieces. All of the straw tubes are official lengths; none have been modified other than being bent or curved. I put metal rods through the tubes to help their shapes (steel to keep the straight lengths straight, copper for the curves and 90° angles. It's technically not cheating, just helping... afterall, it doesn't need them in there, it just helps to keep everything lined up perfectly and stay that way. Enough of my rationalizations, go check it out! I also tried my round at a comic strip using Luke and Vader fighting in the playset.

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