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Old Design
This came out before LEGO's version of it. They did not contact me about using my design at all. That said, this version of the B'Omarr Monk is apparently an older and simpler design; the prop was not used in Return of the Jedi, but was rather replaced by the newer version. For the brain in a jar I used a clear mini-fig head with a brain design on it (from the Studios theme) and a crystal ball piece. The body is upside-down to let the crystal ball hang. Thanks go to my mother for the idea of using ninja katanas for legs.

New Design
This version of the B'Omarr Monk can be seen for a split second in Return of the Jedi while C-3PO and R2-D2 walk through the main hallway of Jabba the Hutt's Palace. It has more of an insect look to it than the older version but retains the flipped thorax design, legs, and suspended brain of the older version. The abdomen uses black 2x2 radar dishes on all sides (aside from the bottom, where it connects to the thorax).

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