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Dimensions: 5 x 20 x 6.2 studs
Pieces: 133 (without saddle)
Instructions: None

The dewback is a pretty cool looking lizard that calls Tatooine home... though it might sound more like a grunt of some sort. I was pretty disappointed with LEGO's dewback (I liked that it was consistent with the pre-made animal parts, but as a dewback, it was lacking) but it was all I had at the time; I'd tried to make one about a year and a half before LEGO's came out but I never finished it. I tried again about a year later, keeping the head and giving it its body's profile. Then I just decided to finish it, so I did. I'm very happy with the result, both from aesthetic and technical views. It looks like a dewback, and the SNOT work I managed in there is kinda complicated. But in a good way. It also comes with Stormtrooper attachments for all your Imperial needs.

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