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Cloud City Baron-Administator
This is the outfit Lando wears when we are first introduced to him in The Empire Strikes Back. He uses a light blue torso and arms with dark blue pants. He now uses a two capes to simulate the different patterns of it; the inner cape is brown and the outer cape is a purple-blue mix (from the Harry Potter theme). He uses the basic smiley face with the mustache (I don't mind him being yellow as long as it resembles him) and a regular black hairpiece. The belt is made from three official LEGO rubberbands.

This is the outfit Lando wears at the end of The Empire Strikes Back when he and Chewbacca leave to look for Han Solo. He uses a Han Solo vest torso with white arms. His pants are those of the Han Solo (the brown kind). I had to guess on those since we only saw the upper half of his outfit in the movie.

Skiff Guard
This outfit acts as Lando's disguise while in Jabba the Hutt's Palace in Return of the Jedi. His torso is from the Forester theme; black with a silver chestplate. He has black arms and white legs (partially painted brown to act as boots). He uses a black Ninja helmet and brown shoulder epaulets. The second picture is of him with a spear acting as a vibro-axe.

This is Lando's Rebel Alliance General outfit from Return of the Jedi. He uses a tan Baron Von Barron torso from the Adventurers theme, with C-3PO arms (the creamy goldish color, to offset the tan of his torso), and light blue pants. His cape is a purple-blue mix color (from the Harry Potter theme).

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