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Endor Gear
When the band of rebels infiltrates Endor's moon to destroy the second Death Star's shield generator in Return of the Jedi, Leia accompanies them. This is actually two different mini-figs, one regular, the other having the poncho and helmet. One uses the Hoth Rebel Soldier's tan torso and The Phantom Menace Padme hair, the other Luke Skywalker's dark grey poncho torso and Hoth Rebel Soldier-type helmet (in brown, though, and with a black visor). She uses C-3PO arms (the creamy goldish color, to offset the tan), yellow hands, light blue legs and a black waist (because LEGO doesn't yet make them in light blue, and I didn't want to take the purity out of the mini-fig by painting it unnecessarily). Enjoy.

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