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Hoth Commander
As The Empire Strikes Back begins, Luke is patroling the Hoth plains on his taun-taun. This uses the same torso as LEGO's Hoth Rebel Soldier, but I gave him a white legs, arms, and hands. He also retains the same helmet as the aforementioned official mini-fig, as it represents the rebels' Hoth hats better.

Bacta Tank
While patroling the Hoth plainsin The Empire Strikes Back, Luke is attacked by a wampa. After being returned to Echo Base alive (though barely) He is submerged in a Bacta tank. It's basically a naked Luke wearing some white speedos to keep it PG. I used this in my custom Bacta Tank from back in 1999, which met an untimely end before I got a digital camera.

Recovery Patient
Luke wore this outfit twice in The Empire Strikes Back, the first time after he was attacked by the wampa and completing his Bact healing, the second time after getting his hand lopped off on Cloud City. The torso is that of the official Tatooine Luke without the belt, and tan pants.

Bespin Gear
When, in The Empire Strikes Back, Luke forsees Han Solo and Leia Organa in grave danger, he leaves his Jedi training with Yoda in search of his friends. He uses the body Rebel Ground Crew guy with Luke's head and hair on it. A lot of people have done this, mainly because of it's simplicity. I'm not sure when other people got their ideas, but my inspiration came the moment I saw the torso of the aforementioned figure in the X-Wing, back in March of 1999.

Jedi Knight
This is Luke's getup from after the scuffle with Jabba the Hutt in Return of the Jedi. He's got the glove from his blaster wound and is ready to see Yoda. He has a collar like that from the movie. There's a ton more variations of this costume, which I'll make eventually.

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