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Baktoid Armor Workshop Multi-Troop Transport (MTT)
Dimensions: 55 x 17 x 23 studs
Pieces: 350
Instructions: None

MTTs can be seen deploying a myriad of battle droids to destroy the Gungan army during the Battle of Naboo of The Phantom Menace. This is a modification I made of the official LEGO set. I basically hollowed LEGO's MTT, got rid of all the unnecessary playset features, and made the interior completely black. I redesigned the front as to allow my Battle Droid Rack (also used in my Battle Droid Carrier) to slide in completely; it holds a total of thirty-six battle droids (tripling the length of LEGO's Battle Droid Rack and doubling the depth); not exactly a hundred and twelve, but a tad closer to such than a mere six. The light grey shown in the pictures is actually dark grey or brown; my old camera picked them up as the lighter shade. I plan to make a MTT to scale with my rebel starships that will hold the correct amount of battle droids, but I'll need a lot more brown bricks and plates before undertaking that project.

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