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Theed Palace Space Vessel Engineering Corps Naboo N-1 Starfighter
Dimensions: 37 x 21 x 5.5 studs
Pieces: 243
Instructions: None

Here's my Naboo Starfighter. It uses a 1 foot to 1 stud ratio making it about 37x21 studs long and wide, respectively. It doesn't fit a Naboo Pilot/Ric Olié/Anakin Skywalker; they're too wide and the ship is too small at this scale. I'm really glad LEGO made that 2x4 wedge/slope transition piece; I imagined that piece exactly when I initially came up with this design (which was before LEGO announced the UCS SE Naboo Starfighter). I tried to do away with some common mistakes on LEGO Naboo Starfighters; namely the wings and the engines. I used 1x6x5 slopes for the wings to get the exact angle on them; most use 4x8, 6x12, or 7x12. The main parts of the engines (excluding the cones) should have twice as much grey as there is yellow, lengthwise; mine uses six studs of grey to three studs of yellow. For the taper in the back I decided to use tiles. It required a lot of SNOT (studs not on top), which can be difficult considering the size, plus each tile had to independently connect to a studded piece, since they don't have studs to connect to eachother. But enough of my complaining.

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