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Dimensions: 14 x 6.4 x 7.6 studs
Pieces: 125
Instructions: None

This is the last of the creatures to come out into the Geonosis execution arena in Attack of the Clones. This is a little larger than mini-fig scale; on a trade off between detail and size, I leaned more towards detail on this one, although it works with mini-figs and the other two arena beasts; the acklay and the reek. I had to work it around the mouth; being six studs wide, it inevitably made the rest of the proportions larger. It has 125 pieces total. The spines on its back were achieved using grey levers, which allow them to stand up and lay down. The tail is supposed to be a single tail that splits into two about three-quarters to its tip. Instead of having one tail the whole way through or two separate tails stemming from the body I used hinge arms with a pair of binoculars with two lightsaber blades in them that fits into the two fingered end of the farthest hinge arm. If you look closely enough, you can see his tongue (a red 2x2 round plate). See also my reek and acklay.

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