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The opinions expressed in this section are solely my opinion; if you are wondering whether or not you should buy a set, I'd suggest buying it, regardless of what I say. The sets are categorized by their numbers, followed by their names, their reviews below. I write a little bit about each set and rate it overall (on a scale of 0-5). Although there are a few sets that I like a lot, there's probably not going to be one that I'll give a perfect 5. Because I'm not LEGO's target audience (kids), their System sets' garish color schemes, small scales, and unnecessary features don't really appeal to me, so I tend to rate them a bit harsh.

7101 Lightsaber Duel
The set is not very flashy or anything, but is a nice one to have. The mini-figs included are pretty much commonplace, but it's always nice to have a few extra Qui-Gon's for Jedi extras (Episode II). Maul's Sith Speeder has good form, but the colors could have been a little more solid. The Moisture Vaporator resembles those from Episode I quite nicely, and also gives a few nice tan pieces. 4/5

7103 Jedi Duel
Although that crane thing doesn't have much playability value, the set does make up in mini-figures. Yoda and Dooku are very cool; Yoda being Yoda, and quite awesome in LEGO form, Dooku having his curved lightsaber. Dooku's speeder is pretty nice, although a little big, but it gets the point across. The set has some newer molds and good pieces in new colors, making it a nice set for a piece-hunter or for someone just looking for a nice set. 4/5

7104 Desert Skiff
This is not the best set Star Wars set that LEGO has made. It only vaguely represents the Skiff, it is far too small, and is a little less brown that should be. Generally, the pieces included aren't that great, with the exception of a few good ones. The Han Solo mini-fig is pretty cool (aside from his poodoo-eating grin) and the Luke mini-fig should have had a Luke head, not that of young Obi-Wan. 2/5

7106 Droid Escape
Although the actual Escape Pod is more of a double cone shape, LEGOs cylinder Pod turned out pretty cool. The mini-figs are great; both R2-D2 and C-3PO in a six dollar set! It comes with a variety of awesome pieces (four cylinder walls, two grey, two white, four 4 x 4 grey corner cylinder plates, an 8 x 8 grey radar dish, and a few different sized dark grey cones). It's great whether you're buying for pieces or an arsenal of chicken-mobiles for your Tantive IV. 3.5/5

7110 Landspeeder
I think LEGO did a great job on this one. The scale is just about right, the price is fine, and it offers some good tan pieces. The Luke and Obi-Wan mini-figs are nice, but Obi-Wan's clothes could have been made a bit better (more like the Episode I Jedi clothes). Also, there should have been room to fit the Droids in the back. It is just about impossible to get all the detail (red highlights) of the Speeder into such a small scale, but it's still awesome. 4/5

7111 Droid Fighter
This set is really nice. I was surprised at how cheap it was; I thought it would have been something like $10 but turned out to only be $6. It has a lot of brown and tan pieces, it comes with new wing pieces made especially for this set, and it looks good in all modes. Besides being a bit blocky and discolored, it's a really cool little set to have. Even cooler is if you were planning on filling a Droid Control Ship with a legion (or whatever the whole lot of them is called) of these; Toys R Us has them for 50% off and in mass quantities. 4/5

7113 Tusken Raider Encounter
At this point in Attack of the Clones, Anakin's not really a happy camper, so his little grin gimmick doesn't go over well with me. Either way, it's a cool new mini-fig, as are the Tusken Raiders. The moisture vaporator is pretty accurate to the real thing, but I don't see any point in it hinging up to reveal a computer. Owen's Swoop is nicely done as well (and dark red), but that 2x4 plate with the grilles on either side looks out of place on top of the action, so to speak, of the Swoop. 4/5

7115 Gungan Patrol
The Gungan Patrol is a nice set to have a few hundred multiples of (to simulate the war scene). The mini-figs and kaadus are nicely molded. The Energy Ball Cart could have been done a little more accurately and truer to its color, and also should be pulled by a falumpaset. The Energy Balls could have been made purple (LEGO does make a transparent purple with Belville sets) and use mini-fig heads to get more of a rounded look. 3.5/5

7119 Twin Pod Cloud Car
The Cloud Car should be orange, not red. The set does include some good pieces (namely 1x10 plates in dark grey and some transparent light blue pieces) and a pretty good amount (117) for only ten bucks at retail. The best feature of the Lobot mini-figure is his cyborg head thingy, although he's pretty bland aside from that. 3.5/5

7121 Naboo Swamp
The STAPs included in the set were pretty neat and fairly accurate (for the scale). The mini-figs, Qui-Gon and Jar-Jar, can be found in almost any of the original 1999 Episode I sets, but the Battle Droids are a nice addition (and were one of the only sets Battle Droids were included in for the first year). The actual swamp is fairly decent, a bit blocky and predictable, and tends to look more like a small lake, but it would work better with a few put together. 3.5/5

7124 Flash Speeder
The Flash Speeder is pretty nice, but a little sparse and discolored inside (also a bit bigger than it should be). The Naboo Security Guard is pretty cool, and offers some brown hands (maybe he ran out of toilet paper). The set is great in that it offers a majority of green pieces, both new and old, but all good. 3/5

7126 Battle Droid Carrier
The idea of the set was very cool, but in execution it was a bit small. Aside from size, it's a great set to have to load up on (cheap) Battle Droids, and some good brown pieces and a few nice dark grey ones. The Battle Droid Pilot is a plus, giving a little variation from the basic Infantry Droid (and OOM-9, which is available exclusively in a mini-fig pack). 3.5/5

7127 Imperial AT-ST
The AT-ST suffered somewhat from sizing, but it had to be done to keep in a certain price range. It's pretty cool and the inventive use of the swivel legs is nice, though not new. What the set lacks in accuracy, it gains in the pieces included. It's a gold mine for grey pieces, especially new and hard-to-get ones. It also offers the cheapest way to get a Chewbacca, aside from the mini-fig pack. 2.5/5

7128 Speederbikes
There's nothing cooler than mini-fig Biker Scouts (well, I'm sure there is, but these guys were pretty neat). The Luke mini-fig is nice, but his poncho is a little odd (maybe a molded piece would have worked better?) and he could have used a collar. The Bikes are really cool, something to have a fleet of. The planet Endor was nicely shrunk into the perimeter of a 4 x 10 plate (which is an odd new green color). If only LEGO would venture into the world of playset making in their Star Wars line... 3.5/5

7130 Snowspeeder
The mini-figs are very cool along with the Cannon. The Speeder is actually not very accurate, but it is still very cool. After seeing the pictures of the Snowspeeder in red, I'm glad LEGO used orange for the highlights. The set is great for pieces; it offers a variety of (good) grey pieces, as well as some useful dark grey and orange ones. I think it should have a tow cable or a huge AT-AT foot to add to the fun... and pieces. 4/5

7131 Anakin's Podracer
The pod is pretty accurate (well, about as accurate as you're going to get in that scale) and has some good pieces. This was released as an individual set for the people who couldn't afford the Mos Espa Podrace, which I commend LEGO for; hey, both sides win! Big question: why not purple energy binders?!? The Pit Droid, well, isn't that great. The other mini-figs, conversely, are kinda cool. Too bad no service ramp. 3/5

7133 Bounty Hunter Pursuit
The speeders in the set are pretty bad; Zam Wessel's too big and Anakin's too cartoony. The figures are nice, but Anakin and Obi-Wan should follow the Episode I straight face expressions and not have such big smiles. The Zam Wessel mini-fig's body is a completely new color; a light purple, and having her head revolve to become the Clawdite is a nice feature. There are a few good pieces in the set, but also many Jack Stone-type pieces too (which in many cases, as in this one, is a bad thing). 2.5/5

7134 A-Wing Fighter
The A-Wing is not the highlight of LEGO's building creativity. The scale is off, the colors are off, and the ship is lacking the slit in the front, proper engines, and decent guns. It does offer some pretty nice pieces and two awesome mini-figs. The only thing is... I don't remember seeing Adolf in the Alliance; He seems more of the galactic domination kind of guy. On any rate, the A-Wing Pilot is one of the coolest mini-figs LEGO has made, in my opinion. 2.5/5

7139 Ewok Attack
This set includes four mini-figs (two ewoks, a Biker Scout, and a Stormtrooper), which in themselves are a pretty good deal. It also includes an Ewok Hang Glider (a bit too complicated for the primitive ewoks, but still nice), a redesigned Speederbike, which is a little more sleek than the original, but also a bit bigger, and an Ewok Catapult, which is a nice piece to help bring an end to the already outnumbered LEGO Empire. The set has a lot of good pieces, such as black fishing rods, a brown catapult piece, and two pairs of brown short legs, just to name a few. It's a good deal, but also an odd retail price ($13). 3/5

7140 X-Wing Fighter
The X-Wing was and remains one of the best sets LEGO has made. The mini-figs are very nice; Luke and Biggs in their Pilot uniforms, and a Ground Crew guy whose body can double for Luke's Dagobah outfit. The small transport is also pretty neat, and helps catch the whole Yavin Base feeling. The ship is really nice, and aside from some tan pieces, it catches the essence of the ship, while offering some nice grey pieces at a reasonable price. 4.5/5

7141 Naboo Fighter
One of the great sets of the first wave. The only weird thing about it was the stupid tan rolling thing it came with. What is that? I don't think LEGO even knows. The actual ship is pretty good; about as smooth as you can get using LEGOs. Aside from a few inaccuracies in color and stability, it can be modified slightly to be extremely cool. 4.5/5

7143 Jedi Starfighter
This set doesn't offer much aside from some new pieces in new and old colors and an Obi-Wan mini-fig with the headset. The actual ship doesn't offer much; it's a recognizable yet bland and inaccurate representation of the sleek fighter. The set also uses some weird new pieces (as seen on the original Racers sets) in unnecessary colors like yellow and blue. It also has a horrible piece-to-price ratio: 138 pieces for $20. 2/5

7144 Slave I
The Slave I was good for some useful pieces and Boba Fett, but not much else. It's extremely small, colorful, and not very accurate. The Han in Carbonite was a joke. It (the ship) could be made to look a bit better by adding some pieces and changing a few colors, but a genuinely good Slave One would need a complete overhaul. 1.5/5

7146 TIE Fighter
The highlight of this set is the TIE Fighter Pilot and the Stormtrooper. The TIE is a bit too colorful and the wings are a bit small (in my book). The basic form of the TIE is a little different from that used on Darth Vader's, but it's still pretty neat. The best reason to get this set, besides the mini-figs is some of the pieces, including the black 6 x 12 wings, or if you really love fleets upon fleets of Imperial Naval forces. 3/5

7150 TIE Fighter & Y-Wing
This was a great set idea, with pretty good results too. The mini-figs are really cool, especially Vader. Albeit there are inaccuracies in scale, color, details, what have you, it really is a cool set. The Y-Wing could have had a bombing hole and the looseness of Vader's TIE could have been fixed, but the fun is still there. Good set to have. 3.5/5

7151 Sith Infiltrator
Although the Sith Infiltrator that LEGO made is descent, it is by far the worst set of the first wave, and is totally put to shame by the others. It's about half the size that it should be, kinda blocky, and slightly blue and red (that's an understatement). The Sith Speeder is okay, but could have been made a solid color. The heads uses for the Sith Probe Droids' could have been painted for more realism. Although the Sith Infiltrator has many inaccuracies, it's a very great set for pieces. The grey and dark grey pieces included are really nice and rare to some extent (more for the dark greys). One to get a few of on clearance. 3/5

7153 Jango Fett's Slave I
The only real good thing about this set is the mini-figs. Jango is pretty cool with his creamy grey helmet/rocket pack combo and twin six-shooters, and Boba is nice in all his shortness. Aside from a few good pieces in the set, it's full of the new wave of LEGO pieces; large single pieces that take the place of good old bricks and plates. The set is far too 'juniorized,' as can be seen on the entire bas of the ship and the black side things. The ship is completely off-scale and off-color, and worse than that, it's not even remotely proportional to itself. The end result is a flatfooted, large nosed monstrosity that might look better as one of the alternate models on the back of the box. It's not even a good deal either, being $50 for only 358 pieces. 1.5/5

7155 Trade Federation AAT
The box art of the AAT makes it look better than what it really is (but hey, isn't that today's advertising?). It does look good, it's just not that accurate. It is not big enough; it's supposed to hold three Battle Droids on each side, plus a few inside. Speaking of, there is no inside. There should be a door in the back that opens up to a roomy control area. It could have been done, but I'm sure the price would have gone up too, but I wouldn't mind. 2.5/5

7159 Podracing Bucket
I'm sure if I was five I'd like this... but I'm not, so I don't. There are a few good pieces included in the set, but for accuracy and size reasons, the pods are just plum horrible. The things included in the set are completely pointless. Example: which pod needs an extra set of tires? What's up with that Battle Droid/Gasgano dude? I think the coolest thing about this set (aside from the few cool pieces) is the bucket. 1/5

7161 Gungan Sub
This set is pretty cool, especially for little kids since it can be assembled in a few different ways. It has some pretty good pieces and does capture the essence of the Bongo, but is a little pricey at $50. It remains the only means of getting a young Obi-Wan (at least his hood), but it also has some other good grey pieces. The bad thing about it is that the molded windshields cannot be used to make an accurately scaled Sub (with not too much of a hassle, but sometimes that's the price for an awesome result). 3/5

7163 Republic Gunship
This is by far one of the coolest sets LEGO has made to date. The ship has a huge playability value, many new colors and pieces, and is surprisingly accurate in scale, being maybe one or two studs off (using a 1 stud:1 foot ratio). The mini-fig assortment in the set is great; it contains four Clone Troopers, two Super Battle Droids, a (cheesy) Droideka, and a goofy-looking Jedi Knight (being the only current means of acquiring a dark grey Jedi torso and a brown hood, the latter being originally offered in the now discontinued 7161 Gungan Sub). The only real downside to the set, aside from some off-color highlights, is the price. Its retail price is $90 for not even 700 pieces. 4/5

7166 Imperial Shuttle
LEGO did a pretty good job on this one. Sure, there's a lot of things wrong with it: it was white, off scale, $35 instead of $30. I think it does a nice job at representing the ship. With a few modifications it can be made better, but a correct Shuttle would take a lot more than a few modifications to LEGO's version. It's also currently the only means of getting Imperial Royal Guards. 3.5/5

7171 Mos Espa Podrace
The pods that came in the set are very nicely done. The retail price could have been better... a lot better. It offers a lot of good pieces, especially orange. Two main problems: 1) Pit droids (I think a molded piece would have been better), 2) orange energy binders. Why?!? Anyway, it's a great set to get on clearance, but buying it at retail little tends to bring down the fun level (unless you're rich, someone else is buying it for you, or it's May 3rd 1999 - the day the Star Wars LEGO sets officially came out). 3/5

7180 B-Wing Fighter at Rebel Control Center
Well, on a more positive note, the set has good pieces (in a good quantity) for a reasonable price. Unfortunately, the ship is small, colorful, and eccentric. What struck me as odd is that the engine area is used for storage rather that propulsion of the ship. The B-Wing Pilot is very awesome. The Ground Crew guy is cool, but nowhere near as nice as the Pilot. The control center has a nice design (aside from the transparent yellow/green), but would be nice if an entire base was made like that. 2.5/5

7184 Trade Federation MTT
The MTT's most prominent and proudest feature is the massive amount of Battle Droids it holds: (drum roll) Six (it comes with seven but the rack holds six)! Wow. It's a brown vessel, not a dark grey, tan, blue, and green vessel that might have a little brown dotted here or there. I never saw the MTT break apart in the back and open up into a huge Battle Droid communication station, did you? After looking at it, it is kinda neat. Really neat actually, it's just not supposed to be there. 2/5

7186 Watto's Junkyard
Finally, a Watto mini-fig! He turned out pretty cool (even though he's the size of a regular mini-fig) and so did Aldar Beedo, but Beedo could have been articulated (so he wouldn't be just a statue). Watto's viewscreen is a nice touch, completing the package. The pods are okay, but do have their inaccuracies; Beedo's Pod's engines should be slanted and Mawhonic's Pod looked a little different, and less colorful than that. The set offers some (previously unavailable) green pieces and those cool grey 8 x 8 radar dishes. 3/5

7190 Millennium Falcon
For a hundred bucks and not even breaking seven hundred pieces, most people would side with Luke on his first views of the Millennium Falcon. The ship is way too small, the price is outrageous, and the colors are just wrong. I thought the Millennium Falcon was a greyish color, not blue, red tan, and whatever else they put on it. The greatness in the set is the fun factor; you can play for hours and not get bored. It does provide some good light grey plates, which always helps. It remains the only means of getting a Princess Leia. I just think LEGO made a mistake by making C-3P0 and Chewbacca available in cheap sets too early, capitalistically speaking. On any rate, the other mini-figs are nice too. Overall, it's a kids toy (obviously) so it is geared to attract them, and aside from its inaccuracies it's a cool set to have. 2/5

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