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Slayn & Korpil V-Wing Airspeeder
Dimensions: 23 x 40 x 9 studs
Pieces: 266
Instructions: None

The V-Wing is an Expanded Universe airspeeder that appeared in various novels and the video game, Rogue Squadron. I based this off the schematic and what's shown of it in the aforementioned video game, but, as with anything in the Expanded Universe, variations do exist. I tried to get this as accurate as I could with the limited (and varying) resources available. Although I didn't originally intended this to follow LEGO's style, I leaned that way later in its construction, adding the "rebel" 2x2 tan tiles on the wings and simplifying the main body. I do intend on remaking this with newer pieces and to be sure of its accuracy and scale. And with greeblies.

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