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Incom Corporation T-65 X-Wing Starfighter
Dimensions: 41.1 x 37 x 7.6 studs
Pieces: 783
Instructions: Picture | LDraw

This is the second version of my X-Wing Starfighter. I changed this a lot, inside and out. Included in the improvements are: straighter and beefed-up lasers, more detailed wings, engines that touch each other when closed (the bases of the engines are flush with the bases of the wings), tons more (and more accurate) greeblies in the back, the correct angle on the sides of the back of the fuselage (made using 2x2x2 slopes), a more accurate cockpit, an open proton torpedo tube, among other things. It's on the same scale on this as on my A-Wing, Y-Wing and Snowspeeder (1 foot to 1 stud), making it just over 41x37 studs long and wide, respectively. I measured just about everything that had a length so it's very proportional to itself (and with all my other customs in the scale). The lasers are made from the 16.5L straws from the Gungan Patrol set; I put some steel rods in the straws to keep them straight. I used the 2x2 radar dishes at the tips because I think it represents the curvature on that piece better than a 1x2 with single stud plate would. This is Wedge Antilles' ship, having the "Red 2" markings, his red astromech droid ("Mynock," I believe) in the droid socket, and Wedge himself piloting it. I'm still contemplating whether to make a grey rendition of it, though I'm sure I'll give in eventually.

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